Business Coaching

Many business owners and sole traders find that time, or the lack of it, is the most common problem that they face.  Often they may spend time working on not in their business.  Not spending much needed quality time ON their business.

Coaching can help.  I work with small business owners and sole traders to:

  • plan sales and marketing strategies
  • identify ways to improve staff performance
  • improve time management strategies
  • ensure a work life balance.

My clients take an overview of the business, regain control and take steps to improve performance in a range of areas.

 Key coaching areas in your business include:

  • Your primary aim
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation
  • Management strategy
  • People strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • System strategy
  • Business Diagnostics
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Focus
  • Work Life Balance
  • Time management

CA Magazine in March 2004 reported that Price Waterhouse Coopers had been using coaching worldwide since 1998 and estimates its return at sex to one.

In 2004 Manchester US reviewed 100 coached clients and also showed a six times return.  The significant business results were:

  • improved productivity 53%better relationships with supervisors 71%
  • improved teamwork 67%
  • better relationships with peers 63%
  • greater job satisfaction 61%
  • better quality work product 48%
  • greater organisational strength 48%
  • better relationships with direct reports 77%

A six fold return on your investment would be great, would it not?  Results can be outstanding on both businesses and individuals.

Contact me if you are a sole trader or business owner who wishes to re-focus on where your business is going or would like to explore time management / work life balance issues.

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