Personal Coaching

  • relationships
  • confidence / self esteem
  • finance
  • spirituality
  • work life balance / time management
  • Equality and Diversity coaching

Full range of coaching services available.

Telephone or face-to-face coaching is available to our clients. 

Telephone coaching is available for clients throughout the United Kingdom. 

  • Are you working in a stressful organisation? 
  • Do you struggle to have a good work life balance and if so is it impacting on your health and wellbeing, perhaps you are more stressed than usual. 
  • Is your work having a negative impact on your personal and working relationships. 
  • Do you belong to a minority group withing your organisation, e.g. BME, LGBT, Disability and is it impacting on your performance? 
  • Do you feel that you are being bullied by your line management and dont know where to turn?
  • Need to work on your confidence and self esteem to help you deal with stressful situations? 

I can help.

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