Frequently Asked Questions

Do all coaches offer the same service?

In many cases coaches do appear to offer similar services.  It is possible to set up as a coaching without having any coach training whatsoever, or having completed a simple distance learning course or just having attended a short course.

I have invested heavily in my training and that reflects significantly on the quality of coaching that offered to my clients. I have been trained to a very high standard by The Coaching Academy.  and am also a New Insights coach.

I specialise in certain areas and enhance the speed of the clients learnings through a range of coaching tools I have available, additionally as a NLP practitioner I can utilise those skills to fast track your success.  There is also an option of obtaining a D.I.S.C. personality profile which through understanding your personality traits can also accelerate your developmental successes.

Which area's of coaching am I trained in?

  • Personal coaching / Life Coaching
  • Corporate and Executive Coaching, including team coaching, leadership and executive coaching, change management
  • Small Business Coaching, setting up your business and getting going, customer focus, sales and marketing focus,
  • Youth Coaching for teens and young adults
  • Confidence Coaching
  • Parenting coaching
  • Mapping goals with pictures

I am also an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner and D.I.S.C profiling assessments are also available.

Clients want a coach because they have a problem.

Clients often do not have a problem as such, they come to a coach because they have something in their life they want to achieve. 

You could be working towards a new job, have career management decision to make, want to build your confidence, perhaps your relationship is giving you concerns, you may be moving house, getting married, or studying for a qualification and need coaching throught the process. 

Maybe you feel there is more to life and would like to work on what that can be.

As your coach I cannot myself change your life for you but through faciliatated sessions with you to identify what your aims are, what aspects of your life you would like to change, and how that can be done.  Goals are set and subsequent sessions are used to identify action steps required to reach your target.

You, the client, are the only person who can make changes in your life.  All decisions and actions rest with you, though I will do everything possible to support you along the way. 


Should you go for the coach who charges the lowest coaching rates?

Would you choose the cheapest shoes in the shop, cheapest dentist or healthcare or would you look for goods and service of quality?  The decision is yours.  Newcastle Performance Coaching prides itself on being able to offer a good quality professional service, a high quality service is provided to all Newcastle Performance Coaching clients.

There are a several coaching packages available so the more sessions you purchase the lower the cost to you, The majority of the one-to-one coaching is provided as a telephone coaching service, sessions start promptly and run to time.  As my client you will benefit from the telephone based coaching as there are no high office running costs you are contribuing to, we wont be  getting caught in traffic and running late.   You wont have to pay for my time to drive to and from meetings, no hotel and train costs and no parking fees.  Telephone coaching means you only pay for the time that you speak to me. 

Once the sessions are over thats it until the next one.

Depending on the package you choose we offer email support between the sessions we have. 

After the cycle of coaching sessions are over you may wish to have further sessions (or not, the coice is yours).  You may choose to use the further more advanced coaching program Newcastle Performance coaching offers to work on something new.  You may choose to build on the success of the previous coaching program you have had with Newcastle Performance Coaching, review your previous goal and and up it to something even more empowering and motivating that before.

Often clients do not have a good idea of what they want to do, just something different. 

We will not make promises that we cannot keep.  However remember the only person who can make changes is you.  If you are not committed to changing your life then perhaps I am not the right coach for you.Newcastle Performance Coaching only works with clients who are truly committed to making life changing decisions are ready to change NOW. If you maximise the use of coaching you will see changes in your life in a short  period of time. 


What support do you offer?

We will not lose interest in you once the contract is signed. We will work with you on a regular basis and provide email support between sessions and most importantly will not drag on sessions unnecessarily. See also our ethics section.


Why choose Newcastle Performance Coaching?

Newcastle Performance Coachingoffers a complete good quality professional and personal coaching service.  Everything said to us is treated in utmost confidence, you can be assured it would not be repeated to anyone EVER.

Newcastle Performance Coachingprovides a personable approach, aimed to build effective working relationships with clients to ultimately dentify your exact needs and requirements and build the coaching program around YOU. Essentially, sessions are adapted to your individual situation or requirements, it is certainly not a one size fits all service that is offered.

What services do Newcastle Performance Coaching offer?

  • Bespoke Professional service to personal and business coaching clients
  • Face to Face coaching for selecgt business coaching clients
  • Telephone coaching for individuals - worldwide (skype or telephone)
  • Teleconferencing self improvement sessions worldwide - individuals or groups
  • E-workshops and seminars (purchase digital download or DVD/CD physical products).
  • Group coaching - spread the cost with your friends
  • An investment package based on your personal circumstances (if the investment rate is a struggle a program of less telephone coaching and more email coaching may be an option for you).
  • Regular sessions (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  • Evening and Weekend session appointments available on request (additional charge applies).
  • Email and telephone support between sessions (subject to package)
  • Receive a recording of the session afterwards (subject to package)
  • A personal approach tailored to your needs
  • Membership groups - coaching workshops
  • Speed daily coaching sessions of 15 minutes.
  • Online Personal Coaching Course

Newcastle Performance Coaching clients

Newcastle Performance Coachingworks with clients who wish to improve their personal circumstances either at home or in the workplace.

Discounted coaching is available to young adults, students and trainees, see  I have experienced the pressures of working whilst studying for a degree and post graduate diploma; preparing for exams, researching materials for dissertations etc.  and can coach / mentor you through any course to keep you focused and motivated.

Not sure if coaching is right for you, concerned about the investment involved? Our recommendation is that before instructing a coach you should meet with them or have a telephone discussion to ensure that you feel comfortable working together. 

NPC look forward to hearing from you.

With Warmth


Founder of Newcastle Performance Coaching